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Career Services Resources and Strategies: Legal Newspapers

Legal Newspapers

Legal newspapers can have national, state or local scope. You can access legal newspapers on Lexis, Westlaw and open web versions. Depending on the method of access, you can use legal newspapers to:

  • view job ads
  • search news on target law offices
  • learn the newest legal cases in an area of law you plan to enter
  • get a feel for a legal community


Both Lexis and Westlaw offer comprehensive searching of legal news papers. The pro of using Lexis and Westlaw is the ability to search all legal newspapers with one search. There are cons of Lexis and Westlaw are that they do not include the job ads from the legal newspapers and they also include a host of newsletters that may be peripheral to your research goal.

Lexis Legal News Menu

Westlaw Legal Newspapers & Newsletters


Using the open web is often a better strategy. Many offer job searching tools or email based alerts. To find the legal newspaper in the area of your choice, you can either use Lexis or Westlaw to create a list or simply do a google style search.

Regional Legal News Sources

Most large cities have a local legal newspaper, e.g., the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. If you know where you intend to practice, perusing the local legal newspaper can be a great way to learn about potential employers.