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Career Services Resources and Strategies: Using AI

How to Use AI to Find a Jon

AI will open up new career horizons in the legal industry and alter current career trajectories. The use of AI tools to help find positions is emerging. There are articles by a wide spectrum of commentators. Marc David shares:

The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in aiding individuals to discover employment is attaining popularity and proving a successful means for jobseekers to restrict their search and make headway. AI allows potential job holders the opportunity to have an automated assistant that can conduct research on behalf of them, thus enabling them to focus on locating a position suitable for themselves.

AI technology functions by scrutinizing through numerous resumes and online applications, determining what capabilities are required in specific positions, as well as coordinating these aptitudes with probable vacancies.

Additionally, AI can be employed to evaluate data such as salary range, location preferences, career interests and other decisive elements when searching for an appropriate job. This guarantees that jobseekers will not be wasting their time submitting applications for employment opportunities they may not fit into or have the necessary qualifications for. Furthermore, AI algorithms can offer employers understanding into their recruitment process, including which candidates would best adjust in with the culture of the organization or who possess the required prerequisites to fill existing roles.

The rapid growth of AI technology has become increasingly attractive to both employers and potential hires, as it enables the efficient sifting through a large amount of data while also creating transparency regarding the hiring process. In so doing, this ensures that decisions about who should be hired are based on more than basic qualifications or experience level alone; additionally, all applicants have an opportunity for fair consideration when being considered for positions within an organization without biases resulting from their race or gender identity. With its capability of providing unbiased recommendations concerning potential employees depending upon skill sets instead of subjective criteria such as gender or racial backgrounds. AI technology is quickly becoming essential in helping companies make better decisions regarding which individuals they choose to hire.

Aman Singh on Quora presents a top ten list of ways AI can assist the search. There are various AI job tools available now, assisting in resume writing, job matching, and even autofilling job applications. While this list is not specific to law practice, some of the suggestions are applicable. Note that Websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor use AI to match you with jobs.

  1. Resume Optimization: AI can analyze your resume and provide suggestions to optimize it for specific job descriptions, improving your chances of getting noticed.
  2. Job Matching: AI can match your skills, experience, and preferences with suitable job openings, saving you time in finding relevant positions.
  3. Personalized Recommendations: AI tools can recommend job listings and companies based on your background and interests, helping you discover opportunities you might have overlooked.
  4. Automated Application Process: Some AI tools can automatically apply to jobs on your behalf, streamlining the application process for multiple positions.
  5. Interview Preparation: AI-powered platforms can provide interview tips, practice questions, and even conduct mock interviews to help you prepare effectively.
  6. Skills Enhancement: AI can suggest courses or training programs to enhance skills that are in demand, making you a more competitive candidate.
  7. Networking Assistance: AI tools can suggest potential contacts or networking events based on your field and location, aiding in building professional connections.
  8. Market Insights: AI can provide insights into job market trends, salary ranges, and demand for specific skills in your industry.
  9. Follow-up Reminders: AI can remind you to follow up on applications, interviews, and other job-related tasks, helping you stay organized.
  10. Feedback and Analysis: AI platforms can provide feedback on your application materials, helping you identify areas for improvement

Practicing for Interviews with AI: Websites like Pramp use AI to let you practice interviews. They give feedback to help you get better.

Chatting with AI for Job Screening: Some companies use AI chatbots to do the first part of interviewing. Chatting with these can give you a feel for the company and the job.

ChatGPT can help you by:

  1. Identifying relevant jobs: AI can scan the internet to find jobs that match your qualifications and interests.
  2. Application process: ChatGPT, an AI language model, can help match your resume to job descriptions and generate personalized cover letters.
  3. Interview preparation: AI tools can provide company insights and simulate interviews based on job descriptions.

Lexis and Westlaw are rolling out AI tools and strategies starting in 2023. This provides an opportunity to experiment with them. Any content related to their performance in career searching will be posted in this Guide.

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