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Torts Resources for Hybrid J.D. Students: Restatement of the Law - Torts

Restatement of the Law - Torts

Restatement of the Law - Torts

The American Restatement of Torts, Second is a treatise issued by the American Law Institute. It summarizes the general principles of common law United States tort law. This work, widely relied upon and often cited by the courts, offers comprehensive and concise coverage of the law of torts, with scholarly and analytical discussion of particular rules.

Restatement of the Law - Torts Archive

Historical tentative drafts, proposed drafts, and draft-related documents from the ALI Reporter. All information contained in this database has been superseded by formally adopted Restatements. For the adopted versions of the drafts contained herein, please refer to the database above.

Other Online Access

The Restatements are also available on HeinOnline, Lexis and Bloomberg Law.