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Torts Resources for Hybrid J.D. Students: Scholarly Treatises

Scholarly Treatises

American Law of Torts

The leading contemporary authority on tort law, American Law of Torts helps you perform more detailed, reliable, and complete research across the full spectrum of tort law. American Law of Torts discusses specific tort theories and practice areas, including: negligence/per se, premises liability, products liability, business and commercial torts, intentional torts, defamation, invasion of privacy, unlawful prosecution, medical malpractice, nuisance and interference with civil rights. With over 100,000 landmark cases covered in American Law of Torts, you'll save valuable time and effort understanding the issues in your tort case with cases on-point to the one on your desk right now.

Dobbs' Law of Torts

Dobbs' Law of Torts provides authoritative, comprehensive, up-to-date discussion and analysis of the legal principles and rules governing tort law. The authors address changes in tort law and offer thousands of citations to cases decided or writings. Updated annually, the text covers the range of both traditional and current issues within the law.

Modern Tort Law: Liability & Litigation 2d

Modern Tort Law: Liability and Litigation provides attorneys with the starting point for any tort research to determine whether a cause of action exists, and the ready insights and analysis they need to answer difficult questions and craft winning legal arguments after they take the case.