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Hybrid JD - Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg and HeinOnline: What are they and how to use them: Lexis Advanced

An introduction to electronic legal research tools for Hybrid J.D. students. An introduction and training to the major resources.

Lexis Learn "class" for tutorials

Lexis Advance has its own platform to provide helpful interactive tutorials on its system.   It is called LexisLearn and is a self-enrollment course. You will need to register your Lexis ID first before you can enroll.  Then logon to to get started.
How to Access Lexis Learn for tutorials on using Lexis Advance effectively.
  • Click Lexis Learn from the menu.
  • Look for "UNH Law Hybrid JD - Lexis Training Modules"
  • Click ADD CLASS (top right), and then select your Professor’s name (Zago) from the list.
  • Now you're in the class and can see the assigned videos.  
If you don't have your Lexis Advance password, please contact Sue Zago at

Suggested Tutorials

Suggested Tutorials to get you started:


Module 01 - Online Basics: Navigation, Document Retrieval, and Source Selection
Module 02 - Constructing an Effective Search
Module 03 - Why Start Your Research with Secondary Sources?
Note: There are a total of seven "assigned"  that will be helpful to you later in the semester.  These three provide a solid foundation.


Accessing the Lexis Learn trainings

Lexis Logo    Lexis® Learn │ Getting Started


Lexis® Learn is an online learning platform that includes video tutorials on legal research skills.   See the attached file for instructions on accessing the Lexis Learn course.