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Hybrid JD - Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg and HeinOnline: What are they and how to use them: Bloomberg Law

An introduction to electronic legal research tools for Hybrid J.D. students. An introduction and training to the major resources.

Introductory trainings

Bloomberg Law provides a variety of video training on how to efficiently and effectively use Bloomberg Law's powerful search engine. 

Below are three introductory pieces of training that will get you started in using Bloomberg to supplement your course lectures and to explore legal topics in more depth.  You will need to sign in to Bloomberg law before you can access these links.  Please contact Sue Zago at if you don't already have your Bloomberg Law password.


Bloomberg Law introductory training

  1. Fundamentals: Using the Search Bar

  2. Boolean Searching

  3. Finding Case Law

Each video is 30 minutes long.


Other training sessions can be found at including a schedule for webinar trainings at