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Health Law: Health Law Introduction

Used to help students in the Healthcare Law seminar


This guide's purpose is to outline some relevant resources available to UNH Franklin Pierce Law students taking a health law course, researching in health law or working toward the Health Law Certificate.  It includes selective online resources, including resources for researching federal and state health law.   

The Health Law Research Guide is for general research purposes only. It is intended to assist law students and other health law and medical professionals. The information in this guide is not intended, nor implied, to constitute legal or medical advice. Users should always seek advice from a licensed attorney in regard to legal questions, and consult a qualified health service provider for questions of a medical nature. There is no warranty as to the accuracy of the information herein, and no liability is assumed for any action taken in reliance upon information in this guide, or in any online site linked in any way.

Research tips

Graphic showing a typical legal research process

Research Tips:

  1. Find background information on your topic. Secondary sources can be very useful.  Consider using the general legal secondary sources (Am. Jur. 2d, A.L.R. and C.J.S. in addition to more specialty treatises and journals.  
  2. Stay current on health law issues.  For example, sign up for health alerts in Lexis and Westlaw, or follow some of the health-related blogs. Be sure to evaluate any of the information you find
  3. Find statutes, regulations, and legislation using the US Law or NH Law pages in this guide. You can also review documents used to create a legislative history on the topic and find relevant statutes for major laws such as the Affordable Health Care Act 
  4. Find agency information.  Both federal and state agencies have a wealth of information on topics including guidance documents, reports, and health promotional materials. Use the tab "Agencies and Organizations" to find these agencies. 
  5. Then go back and locate additional materials using secondary sources linked to throughout this guide to find more information about your topic. 

Using Library Search

How to use the Library Search to find books, ebooks, databases, journal articles and more is demonstrated in this video.  Click on the link below to see the video. 

Locating Information in the Law Library 


Research Circle - file