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Resources for UNH Law Faculty : Faculty Liaisons

Describing the services, programs and services to help UNH Law faculty with scholarship.

Who is my Liaison?

Faculty Liaison Program

Faculty members are paired with a Law Librarian who serves as the primary contact for faculty library needs. Your liaison can assist you with:

  • Reference/Research questions or projects
  • Making suggestions for purchases for the collection
  • Providing customized research guides or research presentations for your courses
  • Assist you in making active research exercises 
  • Suggesting relevant resources to support your scholarship 
  • Meeting at your request to assess your research needs, explore ways to assist in your classroom instruction and refresh your memory about existing library service
  • Providing or arranging for individual training on electronic resources
  • Arranging to have library materials routed to you

Questions about the UNH Scholars' Repository or MyElements should be referred to Sue Zago

Questions about the new Library Search should be referred to Melanie Cornell

Find Your Liaison

Faculty-Librarian Liaisons

  • Ann Bartow - JC
  • Courtney Brooks - KF
  • Jordan Budd - SZ
  • Megan Carpenter - SZ
  • Shane Cooper - SZ
  • Melissa Davis - KF
  • Anna Elbroch - SZ
  • Risa Evans - SZ
  • Roger Ford - JC
  • Judge Arthur Gajarsa - JC
  • John Greabe – SZ
  • Lucy Hodder - SZ
  • Stanley Kowalski – JC
  • Ashlyn Lembree - JC
  • Marcia Levy - KF
  • Tiffany Li - JC
  • Mason Marks - SZ
  • Michael McCann - JC
  • Bill Murphy – KF
  • Ellen Musinsky – SZ
  • John Orcutt – JC
  • Rebecca Purdom - SZ
  • Alexandra Roberts - JC
  • Albert Scherr – SZ
  • Sophie Sparrow - SZ
  • Ryan Vacca - JC

Adjunct Faculty

  • IP Adjuncts - JC
  • Non-IP Adjuncts - KF

Emeritus Faculty - KF


  • Graduate Program IP Distinguished Visiting Scholars - JC