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Intellectual Property Library: Our Facility, Exciting Displays and Collections

Resources on Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets and more.

Facilities, Displays and Collections


The IP Library occupies one of three floors of the Law Library facility. Various type of study space includes tables, private carrels as well as soft seating. Seating capacity is one hundred fifty five (155). Most of our law school graduate students are international. Many use the IP Library extensively both for study and research.

The area is very well lit with both natural and overhead lighting. The book stacks are short, allowing a bright environment. The floor is designated as a quiet zone to facilitate research and study. The artwork has been donated by graduate students, thus providing a sense of familiarity and continuity with those from their home regions, which have come before them.

Exciting Displays and Collections

The IP Library is home to three exciting IP displays

  • The Homer Blair Patent Model Collection This collection of valuable nineteenth century patent models, dating from 1842 to 1883, is the generous gift of Homer Blair, founder of the global UNH Law Graduate Programs.
  • The Ralph Baer Display, Video Games: From Invention to Litigation that shows the first video games invented, patents and documents related to litigation surrounding some of his games.
  • The Professor Ann Bartow Copyright Litigation Collection that displays items that were the subject of famous copyright litigation.

Patent Model : Isaac Singer Sewing Machine