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Intellectual Property Library: Resources and Services

Resources on Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets and more.

Resources and Services



Law and Graduate Program students attend this law school for its proven performance as a top rated Center for the training of IP, commerce and technology professionals. As such, students expect the law school to meet their information needs in these program areas. Consistent with these needs, the Law Faculty voted to mandate that the Law Library develop resources in these topical areas at the research level – the highest in the Law Library collection development policy.

The IP Library meets this mandate by building comprehensive resources to meet both curricular demands as well as beyond - to be the premier academic IP Library in the United States. Collection features to meet the needs of the graduate students in this fast- paced specialty include:

  • All formats including microfiche, print, CD/DVD, e-books and online IP specific proprietary research platforms
  • Resources on a spectrum from ancient treatises to the most cutting edge news sources
  • Resources on a spectrum from highly scholarly to practice oriented
  • Titles on a spectrum from mainstream publishers around the globe to grey literature form from governmental and non governmental organizations
  • A collection which reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the intellectual property and technology law programs including business, economic, social, cultural, historical, political aspects as well as cutting edge technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Resources in allied areas of law including art, entertainment, sports, bankruptcy, crimes, antitrust, environment, torts, tax, health, insurance and more
  • Several specialty Websites produced by the IP Library
  • International, foreign and comparative resources heavily used by international graduate students
  • Repository of WIPO publications
  • Collection of foreign language dictionaries
Students expect that a comprehensive IP education include comprehensive resources. The expectation is met with approximately ten thousand volumes collected in one space for ease of use.

Virtual Collection

The physical collection expands into a virtual collection of Web based IP oriented licensed products.

The IP Library produces The IP Mall, the oldest open access IP research site on the web, is an award winning website serving the IP community since the inception of the web. It serves researchers in many ways, including extensive hosted resources

The IP Librarian is also an administrative moderator of the IP Profs List, a discussion platform for intellectual property educators from the U.S. and abroad, administered by the IP Librarian and Electronic Services Librarian


Please refer to the pages on Services to our different patron groups.

  • The IP Librarian is located in the IP Library to offer reference and research assistance to residential and online researchers.
  • The IP Librarian is the Library Liaison to members of the IP Faculty. This includes collaborating on faculty research, course resources and implementing the Information Literacy Plan in all courses. This includes in class presentations, videos, worksheets and required consultations with the IP Librarian.
  • The IP Librarian teaches basic and advanced patent research courses both residentially and online in the Hybrid J.D. Program. The IP Librarian has been a guest lecturer and presenter in IP courses as well as at various library and educational institutions.
  • The IP Librarian orients and assists Patent Trademark Resource Center patron in person, by phone and email.

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