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Library Student Assistant Handbook: Opening and Closing the Library

This guide contains everything you need to know while working at the UNH School of Law Library Circulation Desk

Opening the Library - Concord Monitor

Please be in the library at or before opening time. If you are assigned to open the library on a weekend morning the doors into the IP Reading room are programmed to unlock when you swipe your ID

The Law Library maintains a subscription to the Concord Monitor.  When it arrives in the Law Library, please place it on the table in front of the circulation desk. 

(There are no newspapers on weekends.)

Library Lighting

There are four circuit breakers spread across three floors of the library along with various light switches. All lights in the library should be turned on before opening the main doors to ensure safety and comfort for library patrons. If the lights are not working correctly please see Kathy or Sue. If no librarians are available, please contact facilities to resolve lighting issues.

Each circuit breaker, noted on the maps with “CB”, contains two rows of switches. Some are marked with red tape and some are marked with yellow tape. The red marked switched should always be on and the yellow marked switches need to be turned on. All of the switches  should be switched toward the the center of the box to be in the "on" position. If a red switch is off make sure it is turned on. When finished switching switches, please remember to close the panel so it looks nice.

Light switches are noted on the maps with “LS”. The correct position of the switches will vary depending on the position of switch when the breakers were turned off. Therefore, it is best to turn on the circuit breakers first and then figure out the position needed for the light switch. Not all of the switches will need to be touched to turn on all of the lights.

Map of Library First Floor

Closing the Library

Whoever is on security will close the library, including turning out lights, making sure all people are out, and locking the library door.

While this person is doing these "rounds," please pick up books left on the tables in the lobby. Place them on a cart to be re-shelved the next day. Shelve all reserve materials and clean up the desk and lobby area. Push in chairs. You leave with the security person.

If there is not a security person at closing, and you have called numbers on the security calendar near the desk computer, then lock the library door with the key on the white card in the key drawer, and go through the library and escort out all remaining persons. Turn off the lights on the first, second, and third floors. Remember to turn off only those switches marked with yellow tape. Turn off all remaining lights before leaving. Make sure no one remains in the library after you leave.