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Library Student Assistant Handbook: About the Job

This guide contains everything you need to know while working at the UNH School of Law Library Circulation Desk

Job Description

The desk assistant monitors access to the library, checks material out to patrons, answers the phone, performs all the duties listed in the box on the right, and any other jobs presented by any member of the library staff. There must be someone working at the desk at all times the library is open and the last student on duty cannot leave the library until the door is locked by the security person and all patrons have left.

Standards of Behavior

Every employee is to act in a manner that reflects well on the law library. You are expected to treat patrons with respect and conduct yourself in the following manner:

- Always respond in a courteous and helpful manner.

- Discourage students from congregating around the circulation desk.

- Do not allow any non-library empolyee behind the desk with you.

- Maintain a quiet atmosphere.

- Maintain a quiet tone of voice.

- Carry out regular and assigned tasks before doing personal work.

-  Use only acceptable beverage containers (i.e. a closed commuter mug or, a cup with a tight cover.)

- Enforce library rules. Be firm, fair, and consistent.

- Do not consume alcoholic beverages while on the job.

- Keep work areas clean and free from clutter.

- Respect your fellow workers by being on time for all scheduled work times and do not leave until your replacement arrives.

- Stay at your post while you are on duty except to help someone in the immediate area or a person in need of physical assistance.


The Library Desk Assistant responsibilities include:

- Opening and closing the library if first or last on duty.

- Answering the telephone, transferring calls.

A smiling law student working at the Law Library desk- Properly checking-out circulating materials.

- Providing patrons access to reserve materials.

- Monitoring access status of all who enter.

- Directing patrons to the library's resources.

- Completing all projects or jobs presented by any staff .

- Staying at the desk at all times except when helping someone in the immediate area.

- Any other duties that may be added during the semester.


Time Cards

Employee time and payroll are managed by the UNH Kronos system.  Upon your hire, you will be given a UNH Employee ID number and be added to the Kronos system.  Training and information about the Kronos system can be found here on the UNH HR Website. It is strongly recommended that you download the "UKG Dimensions" app to your phone and set it up so that you can punch in when arriving to work,and punch out at the end of your shift.  When finished entering your time, make sure you "Submit" your sheet for approval.  All time sheets must be submitted by 2:30 pm on payroll weeks in order to be approved.  If your time is not approved, you will not get paid, and you must add your time retroactively.

Paychecks are issued every two weeks.  The UNH payroll department strongly recommends electronic deposit.

Work Schedule and Schedule Changes

Work Schedule

Employees may select which hours they wish to work by signing up on the posted schedules, or through an arrangement with the supervisor. All scheduling is done on a first come first served basis, and no employee is guaranteed any minimum number of hours of employment. Employees may not sign up for more hours than are approved by the Financial Aid Office. A copy of the schedule will be placed in student mailboxes or sent to students via email attachment. This schedule ends before exams begin. An exam schedule will be posted near the end of the semester for students to select hours.

Schedule Changes

Students who cannot work their scheduled shifts for any reason must find another library work study student to work in their place. A list of all library work study students and phone numbers will be made available to all workers. These numbers are not to be given out to anyone not on the list.

All schedule changes must be done in writing and should be emailed to Kathy Fletcher. WARNING: You will be held responsible for your hours if you don't post the change. Students failing to work their assigned time without finding a replacement or making other satisfactory arrangements may have their employment terminated.

Snow Days and Delayed Openings

If the Dean and administration decide to close the school due to inclement weather, the Library will close and you can go home.  If the school's opening is delayed, please come to school at the new scheduled opening time to work your shift.  Closings will be listed on the school's website and the WMUR website.  You can also sign up for UNH Emergency Alert Notification System, and a message about closing will come right to your phone.