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Library Student Assistant Handbook: Who can use the library?

This guide contains everything you need to know while working at the UNH School of Law Library Circulation Desk

University of New Hampshire

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Law Faculty, Staff, and Students have access and full library privileges.

UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law Alumni

Alumni may come in and use the library but not borrow materials.  The library grants access to any person who attended this law school. This includes those who attended as a semester away from their school and summer IPSI students. They must sign in. They enter their name and year of graduation on a list in the notebook that is kept at the desk.

Other UNH Campuses

Students and faculty of the other UNH campuses are permitted to use the Law Library. Each patron must sign in the book at the desk on the "UNH student" page. If the patron wants to check out books and he is not in the Law Library system, take down his name and the names of any books he wishes to check out - please also include the barcode numbers. Leave this note for Kathy Fletcher (either under her door or, in an email) 



Students from Other Law Schools and Schools and Colleges in NH

Students from other law schools may enter if they have a current ID or can prove that they are now enrolled in that school They do not have borrowing privileges. They must sign in at the desk.

Students from other New Hampshire Schools and Colleges have been granted reciprocal privileges, access only, no borrowing. They must show current IDs or letters of introduction from their school. They do not have borrowing privileges. IDs without a current enrollment date must be accompanied with a letter or some other source proving they are currently enrolled. They must sign in at the desk. They may be allowed to enter this one time and asked to get a letter for future library use.

All law school IDs will be honored as well as IDs from the following reciprocal schools: Antioch, Coby-Sawyer College, Dartmouth College, Franklin Pierce University, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, New England College, NHTI, Nashua C.C., Hellenic American University, NH Institute of Art, Plymouth State University, Rivier University, St. Anselm’s College, Southern NH University

Students from other colleges are expected to conform to UNH Law Library behavior standards or they will be asked to leave the library.


People studying for Bar Exam

People who are currently studying to sit for the New Hampshire Bar Exam have access to the library until the date of the bar exam, but no borrowing privileges. They must have a current bar review ID card. They must sign in at the desk.

NH Bar Members

Active members of the New Hampshire Bar and their law clerks are allowed to use the Law Library. Attorneys have full access but no borrowing privileges. They must either present their bar membership card and sign in at the desk.


Other Users

College and University Faculty

Faculty from other colleges and should have a current ID card or letter of introduction from their college or university. They do not have borrowing privileges. They must sign in at the desk.

Intellectual Property Day Pass

Professionals in Intellectual Property areas who wish to use the intellectual property library, but do not fit one of the membership classes, must make arrangements with Professor Jon Cavicchi, the Intellectual Property Librarian. These patrons have only access to the library and may not borrow library materials.


These folks can come in to use the Patent Trademark and Research Center materials (i.e. the two "public" computers in the corral.)  If they need reference help, they must call and make an appointment with Jon Cavicchi.


If anyone causes a problem you cannot solve, please ask them to see or call Sue Zago or Kathy Fletcher. Please be firm but courteous at all times.