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Library Student Assistant Handbook: Library Services

This guide contains everything you need to know while working at the UNH School of Law Library Circulation Desk

Reference Questions

A librarian should handle all research/reference questions. Your help would be in the area of helping a user locate a particular section or item in the library, as long as it does not take you from the immediate area of the desk. Please use the directional floor plans. Please don't guess at an answer to a question. Never give legal advice, or anything that could be construed as such, or read anything to a patron over the phone which might be either misheard or misunderstood. You can assist people in finding resources but not do research for them.

-Refer IP questions to Jon Cavicchi at 35139.

-Weekdays from 8:00-5:00 refer research questions to  Kathy at 35135.

-If none of those is available, refer to Sue at 35129,  or Melanie at 35135, whoever is most accessible.

When a staff member is not available, after 5:00 p.m. weekdays, refer them to the Library Research Guides on the Law Library website. They may also call or come back during staff hours.

Please avoid giving legal advice, or information that might be heard or understood incorrectly.

Research Guides

These give quick information on various subjects. They are linked from the first page of the Law Library website.  Acquaint yourself with them, as they can be quite helpful.


The microfiche collection is located on the first floor of the library near the (OTC) computer room. In order to make copies of microfiche, patrons will need to have a flash drive or a smartphone with a camera to take a picture of the information they are looking for.

Library Scanners, Copiers, and Printers

Copiers and printers

The photocopiers on the second and third floors of the library can be used for scanning, copying and printing.

Scanning:  The machines are able to "Scan and email" and "Scan to a Jump Drive" without needing a copy card.  It is, therefore, strongly recommended that attorneys using the Law Library use this option to make "copies" to send to their offices. Instructions for both are located on signs adjacent to the machines.  Kathy Fletcher has some "give away" jump drives in her office if people need them.

Copying: Only cards or IDs can be used for copying.  If you do not have enough money to copy the document you will get a message and will have to add money to your card to proceed. 

Printing: Only cards or IDs can be used for printing. When printing from a library computer, a patron will be asked to choose an ID and job name. Both are for a one time use. Proceed to either of the print stations: Library second or third floor copiers. Swipe your ID  in the monitor near the printers. Pick the documents to print. If you do not have enough money to copy the document you will get a message and will have to add money to your card to proceed. Printing will not proceed until a card with sufficient amount to process the job is inserted. You will have 24 hours after setting up a print job from your computer to retrieve it at a print station. After 24 hours the job will cease to exist. There are no changes to  Lexis printing. 

Students who wish to print from their personal laptop computers will have to download software available from the UNH IT department here.

Adding Money to an ID Card

All ID holders have a UNH Cat's Cache account that can be used as soon as a deposit is made to the account. In order to use online account management features, you must create a user name and password for Cat's Cache at MyUNH. Once that is accomplished, you can view transactions, statements and balances, make deposits and suspend a lost or stolen card. The Cat's Cache system is maintained by UNH Dining Services in Durham.  During normal business hours, you can call the Dining/ID Office at (603)862-1821  

Toner for Copiers

There are more toner cartridges for the printer/copiers on the second and third floors in the supply closet behind the circulation desk.  Read the screens to figure out how to change the cartridges.  Cartridges for the Lexis printers are handled by the school's student Lexis representatives.

Westlaw and Lexis

There is no access to Westlaw or Bloomberg/BNA for attorneys and alums.  There is access to Lexis Academic and other library databases ( HeinOnline etc.) All are available on the farthest station in the computer corral area.

Answering the Phone and Paging

Please answer the desk phone with "Library desk (or Law Library), [your name] speaking." To transfer a call press "Transfer" button once and then press the extension number desired. You may stay on the line until the person answers, say that you are transferring a call and press "complete," or you may press "complete" as soon as you hear their extension ringing. If they do not pick up after 3-4 rings, or are already on the phone, the caller will get a "voice mailbox."

Messages for attorneys may be left at the front edge of the desk. We have no paging system and cannot go out to look for people except in cases of emergency. In the case of such an emergency you may do this if you find someone to watch the desk while you are gone.

Dial "6" for an outside line.