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Library Student Assistant Handbook: Library Security and Emergency Situations

This guide contains everything you need to know while working at the UNH School of Law Library Circulation Desk

Library Security

Maintaining a secure environment in the library at all times is very important. Nobody, other than the desk assistant, should be behind the circulation desk.

When people enter the library you do not recognize as student, staff, or faculty please ask them to show an ID or membership card. You can ask, "May I help you?" They will usually tell you if they are a student, staff, or faculty. Others should show a card, ID, and/or sign in.


Non-emergency Police Calls

There may be times to call the police for a "non-emergency."  These might include things like kids skateboarding in the paved "patio" area of the school or, random animals which need animal control.  The Community Police line for the Concord Police is (603) 225-8600.  Explain the situation to them and, they will send a car around.  Of course, if you feel unsafe in ANY way, or there is a medical emergency, call 911.

PANIC Button

There is a "panic button" located at the Library circ desk.  It is a small black "key fob" that is attached to the monitor at the circulation desk..  If you feel unsafe, press the button.  This button is connected directly to the dispatcher at the UNH Police who will contact the Concord Police Department. The Concord police WILL come prepared to act if you press it.  For other emergencies (medical, non-direct threats) please call 911.


An alarm will sound if someone passes through one of the EMERGENCY EXITS from inside of the library. Most alarms can be turned off with keys on the large key ring marked "ALARM Key" in the drawer. The third floor alarm can be turned off with a key, also on the ring. Put the key into the box on the door handle or on the wall near the door. Turn until the alarm stops, turn the key back and remove. The alarm will now be reset. The alarm box may be located in different locations on other doors. The alarm on the third floor key pad entrance does not stay on indefinitely. It may be set off and reset before you can attend to it.

Problem with the Building

If there is a problem in the building (including, but not limited to: dripping water, broken windows, lack of heat or AC, falling ceilings, doors that won't open or close) please call the Director of Facilities, Bill Deacon (603) 748-3662.  Describe to Bill what's happening.  He will make a judgment how best to handle the situation.

If the problem is located in the library, after you call Bill Deacon, please call one of the librarians and let them know what's happened.

Kathy Fletcher  - (603) 879-9932 or (603) 557-8007

Melanie Cornell  - (603) 230-9977

This is Bill Deacon, Facilities ManagerBill Deacon Facilities Manager