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Race & Intellectual Property: Web Resources on Race & Copyright



Opinion: How copyright law can save Dr. Seuss — and the rest of us — from cancel culture Washington Post (2021)

NAACP and CBS Strike Multi-Year Partnership Agreement To Create Content For Broadcast, Cable and Streaming CRISIS (2020)

Racism Plus Copyright Issues With Beyonce Sharma Jayegi: Khaali Peeli Makers to Face Legal Trouble From Beyonce Knowles For Using Her Name? (2020)

Did White People Really Steal Rock Music From Black People? HubPages (2020)

Copyright, Music, and Race: The Case of Mirror Cover Recordings GWU (2020)

“It’s a Racist Policy” – Ben Cashdan on the U.S. Effort to Derail South Africa’s Copyright Reform LawBytes (2020)

Why Copyright Law is Racist as Hell ProSe (2019)

Whitewashing Expression: Using Copyright Law to Protect Racial Identity in Casting (2019)

Choreographing Copyright: Race, Gender, and Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance Google Books (2016)

Why was it so easy to weaponize copyright against Pew Die Pie? Verge (2017)

Copyright As Censorship: Using The DMCA To Take Down Websites For Accurately Calling Out Racist Comments TechDirt (2014)

Whiteness as Intellectual Property: Some Notes Towards a History of Copyright Law’s Racial Unconscious, SUSH (2013)

Kraut A. Race-ing Choreographic Copyright. In: Foster S.L. (eds) Worlding Dance. Studies in International Performance. Palgrave Macmillan, London (2009)

Cartoons of a Racist Past Lurk on YouTube NY Times (2008)

Banania no like racism – tweaks ad slogan Expatica (2006)