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Race & Intellectual Property: Web Resources on Race and Trademarks



This area has been discussed heavily in all types of content related to the two major cases : Redskins and Tam. For sake of easy use all that content has not been linked. Please use a search engine to find content discussing those two cases.

The USPTO’s tribal insignia database (which helps ensure that Native American images are not appropriated as trademarks (Continuously updated)

Six Dr. Seuss Books to No Longer Be Published, Due to Racist, Insensitive Imagery Hollywood Reporter (2021)

Tips for Companies Saying Goodbye to Racial Stereotypes in Branding J.D. Supra (2021)

Jim Crow Museum to use objects of intolerance to teach tolerance and promote social justice.  FSU (2021)

15 racist brands, mascots, and logos that were considered just another part of American life INSIDER (2020)

Colonial Trademark: Law and Nationality in Mandate Palestine, 1922–48 (Cambridge University Press) 2020

Dr. Jason Chambers explains the origins of racist brands Brands (2020)

Reckoning With Racist Brands NPR (2020)

 Here's how American brands are changing after facing racial reckoning TODAY (2020)

American companies wouldn't have as many racist logos if C-suites were more diverse CNN (2020)

Redesigning Blatantly Racist Brands is Not Enough PRINT (2020)

Classic Disney films now have stronger advisories warning of racist content CNN (2020)

Eskimo Pie Becomes Edy’s Pie: Here Are All The Brands That Are Changing Racist Names And Packaging FORBES (2020)

Uncle Bens’, Aunt Jemima… racist packaging rises up Graphine (2020)

UK businessman withdraws trademark applications related to Black Lives Matter following backlash WTR (2020)

Intellectual Property Considerations When Brands Adapt For Racial Justice Kalmaris (2020)

Inside the cottage industry trying to revive Aunt Jemima and other brands with racist roots Fortune (2020)

Racism in the Use of Native American Images PBS (2020)

Whitewashing Australia's History of Stigmatising Trade Marks and Commercial Imagery (2020)

Fifa's 'hardline approach' at World Cup will be to take the money and runRuling body still seems to care more about ambush marketing and trademarks infringement than racism and homophobia  My Sports Analysis (2018)


Swastika, n-word trademarks filed to prevent racist profits  Chicago Tribune (2017)

US Supreme Court decision risks deluge of racist and offensive trademarks Conversation Conversation (2017)

Klan Barred from Playing Phone Tapes Courts: Judge rules the racist messages infringe on 'Mister Rogers' trademarks. Los Angeles Times (1990)