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Accessing Government Publications: Print Finding Aids

How to find and use the bountiful information published by the United States government.

Publications in Other Libraries

Search the Larger UNH Catalog and the world

Dimond Library at UNH is an FDLP library and many government publications are available from them via interlibrary loan.  (Link here for information on interlibrary loan, or please ask Kathy Fletcher.) At the UNH Library site, you can also search WorldCat, a  world wide library database of over a billion records.  At the UNH Site, click on Advanced search.  Type in your keywords.  At the first Results screen, narrow the results by selecting the Resource Type "Government Documents."


Guides in Print

There are also traditional print guides to government publications. 

Guide to U.S. Government Publications (Call # REF Z 1223 .Z7 A574).  This helpful guide lists all publications (past and present) by agency. This book includes title/keyword and agency indexes.

Federal Regulatory Directory (Call # REF KF 5406 .A15 F4) This is a reference book many students use for Administrative Procedure.  It includes names and contact people at all Federal administrative agencies.  Under each agency is listed, "Publications," most with links to government websites.

A Word About SuDoc Numbers

Most of the books at the UNH School of Law Library and the UNH Dimond Library are shelved according to the Library of Congress Classification system. Library of Congress designed their system so that books on the same topic would sit near each other on the shelf.  (If you were interested in American Constitutional Law, for instance, those books are shelved under "KF 4549.")   Federal Depository Library Documents have a different system. The "SuDoc" classification system is designed specifically for United States government documents. A SuDoc number is assigned by the office of the Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) of the Government Publishing Office. Unlike most classification systems, SuDoc numbers are not based on subject but, instead are based on what agency of government has published the item.

Here's an example:


In this example, the "C" is for United States Deparment of Commerce, the "3" for the Census Bureau.  The "186" is for a Series Title, Current Population Reports.  And the "22" for the individual title, Poverty in the United States.  The last three numbers are the year of publication, 1999.

SuDoc numbers can sometimes make government publications difficult to find.  If you need assistance, please ask one of the Librarians for help.