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The exams below are divided into two categories: first year exams, and upper class exams. A few points about the exams here:

  1. Not all exams are available! Faculty do not have to release exams to the library, so you may not find an exam here. 
  2. Only exams from 2014 to the present are included . 
  3. Some faculty release their exams to students via TWEN or Canvas. 
  4. Past exams may not reflect the style of a current exam. 
  5. The law changes and the focus of courses changes as well. Be sure to consult with your TA or professor if you have any questions. 
  6. Academic Success is also a great resource for devising strategies for working on exams. 

Fall and Spring First Year Past Exams

Torts, Civ Pro, Legal Research and Information Literacy (LRIL) and Legal Writing exams are not available. 

Con Law exams are not available.