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A look at Concord's downtown and surrounding streets

Welcome to Concord



Hello friends – This LibGuide has been created for those of you who are new to the law school and Concord, and for those of you who may not know all there is to know about Concord. ** Please Note:  If you have any COVID-19 related questions -- please contact the vendor/view websites and they'll provide answers about mask requirements, whether indoor seating is available, etc.

Concord is a small city, with areas of the city being separated by the Merrimack River.  Interstate 93 follows along the Merrimack within the city for a few exits.  If you’re driving into the city from Boston/Nashua/Manchester, you’ll find the downtown area, South End, North End and the West End of Concord to the left of the river.  On the right side of the Merrimack are the Heights and East Concord. 

This guide's focus is on Concord, but certainly, there's much to do and see all over the granite state.  I'll provide the important stuff -- grocery stores, walk-in care, parking info, but also give you website links and reviews "spotlights" for all things fun, i.e., good eats, Main Street, and unique shopping, getting to know Concord, just to name a few.

Some fun stuff...

There are attractions right in Concord that are worth the visit.  Just walking along our award-winning, re-designed Main Street is a treat, with its restaurants, shops and entertainment options, plus you can just sit, relax and enjoy the view. There are lots of commissioned artwork all around you (think the large wooden cut-out dog at the corner of North Main and Centre). 

Down the hill off Main Street -- and don't forget the side streets and alleyways that offer great eats, fun finds  -- you'll see a walk-able shopping center anchored by Marshall’s Department Store and the Market Basket grocery store,  at either end, with a variety in between.

In many other parts of the country, you can purchase alcohol in package stores, etc. In New Hampshire, grocery and convenience stores carry beer and wine and mixers, but if you want other alcohol, you’ll have to get it at the rest stop on Interstate 93 in Hooksett, or at the downtown shopping center (down the hill).  Again, it's a walk down the hill from Main Street.  In this plaza, you’ll find the New Hampshire State Liquor Store in the middle of the shopping center. There's also a liquor and wine outlet on Fort Eddy Road, as well as a wine outlet in the Lamplighter Plaza, on Loudon Road. Free parking is available in most shopping centers' parking lots.  Big bonus: No sales tax in New Hampshire!  If a pair of socks are $5.99, then they're $5.99 -- no additional money needed!

Sometimes parking can be tricky:  There are parking kiosks located all along Main and surrounding streets.  You must pay for parking Monday – Saturday, until 7:00 p.m.  Sunday is free. *  A few restaurants also require paid parking (Hermano’s Mexican Restaurant, for example) in their lots.  To note: Hermano’s Mexican Restaurant is worth paying the parking for!

*Please see the City of Concord website, as rates are subject to change at

This guide will provide lots of good information for you to navigate around the city to enjoy all it has to offer.

This guide was created by Kathie Goodwin and updated periodically.


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The Fine Print

All photos, quotes, etc., taken from various websites have been given credit here.  If not referenced, images have been used from stock photos or clip art that's free to the user.  CREDITS:  Bank of New Hampshire Stage:; Concord Farmers' Market; Fletcher-Murphy Park map - Intown Concord logo --;  Eat LOCAL logo: Concord Public Trails map: The Common Man Logo @ Revival Kitchen and Bar: 

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Please also see individual articles for references as they've been added there.

More Sources for the Concord Community

You’ll also need to know about items such as city services, our community, etc., since you now live here or spend lots of time here!  Visit:

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce boasts the Capital Region Visitor Center located at: 49 South Main Street, Suite 104, Concord, NH 03301.  They're open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are run by a nice, friendly staff, who'll help you navigate Concord.  Call them at (603) 224-2508 or contact them at

Concord Insider – It's all about community!

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