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The New Hampshire Bar Exam: Applying for the Bar Exam

This guide explains the process of applying for admission to the New Hampshire bar and taking the New Hampshire bar exam.

Applying for the New Hampshire Bar Exam

A person seeking admission by bar examination must submit:

(1) the Petition and Questionnaire for Admission to the Bar of New Hampshire , and submit all documentation requested in the petition and questionnaire

(2) the Application for the New Hampshire Bar Examination.

(3) A check or money order in the amount of $700.

The court provides you with a Packet Completion Checklist (Bar Examination) to make sure that your submission is complete. The application to take the bar examination requires you to provide an NCBE number.  You may obtain this number online at the National Conference of Bar Examiners website

There are several places on the application which require your signature to be notarized.  The NH School of Law has several notories on staff.

The deadline for applications to take the July bar examination is May 1. The deadline for applications to take the February bar examination is December 1 of the preceding year.

Petition and Questionaire

The Petition and Questionaire includes quite a bit of detailed information about your education, any military history and your employment history.  It also asks for addresses of everywhere you have lived and all your employers for the past ten years.  To avoid extra stress, start early!

Character and Fitness

New Hampshire Supreme Court Rule 42B requires that, "all persons who desire to be admitted to practice law shall be required to establish their moral character and fitness to the satisfaction of the Standing Committee on Character and Fitness of the Supreme Court."  As part of your application, you will be required to prove your good moral character to the Committee.  All doubts of the Committee will be resolved in favor of protecting the public.