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Patent Trademark Resource Center: Just Getting Started?

Resources to Help Learn About Patent & Trademark Searching

Some Useful Websites, Videos, and Tools.

General Information Concerning Patents. This guide from the USPTO explains what a patent is and how to get one.

Conducting a Patent Search. A 50-minute presentation from the USPTO, explaining how to conduct a patent search and why it is important to be thorough. [Flash is required.]

Here's a shortcut to the USPTO's search page, where you can search patents from 1790-present and published applications from 2001-present. Google Patents can be another place to start.

Just Getting Started with Trademarks?

Basic Facts About Trademarks. This guide from the USPTO explains what a trademark is and how to get one.

Trademark Information Network. The USPTO has created a series of newscast-style videos to help you understand trademarks. Check them out!

These are shortcut links to trademark fees and trademark forms and filing.

International Patents and Trademarks

International Patent Protection. Links to information at the USPTO site about the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Common Application Format, and more.

Espacenet. Search patent documents worldwide from over 72 countries and regions. WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Intellectual Property Digital Library. Search international trademark registrations (Madrid system), international patent applications (PCT), and other databases; access guides, standards, laws, regulations, fees, statistics, FAQs, links, and more.

There is currently no internation open web trademark searching site.

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