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Law Review Services Guide: Interlibrary Loan

Help for those on law review

What is ILL?

Interlibrary loan is a set of cooperative agreements among libraries and library consortia which allows us to borrow needed materials for you on law review.  UNH Law is a member of OCLC (The "Online Computer Library Center"), a world-wide consortia of over 16,000 libraries "dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world's information and reducing information costs" 

If you need it, we can find it, and get it to you.

How does ILL work?

As you review your article's sources, it's helpful to make a list of all works cited.  When you have the whole list, check the UNH law library's holdings by looking for titles in the Law Library Search Box (There's a guide for Locating Information in the Law Library here.) Once you have determined that we don't have the items you need, you can forward your list to Kathy Fletcher, who will order these items via ILL.  Electronic lists are easiest for her but, you can also fill-out an ILL request form (available on her door) in print, if that's easier.

**Important** Even though we are the UNH School of Law, we have a separate library and library system from the UNH campuses in Durham and Manchester.  You might see that they have what you need, but their delivery services do not serve our campus.  You'll still need to go through ILL to get those items.

Citations and Helpful Information

The more information you can provide, the more likely it is we can find what you're looking for.  Helpful information includes authors, titles, editions, dates, page numbers, publishers, etc.  Sadly, not every author is great at providing these.  The library will help you with the detective work needed to figure out what your article author is citing.

Both of the citations below are to the same article.  The second would be much easier to ILL.

When will the book get here and how long do I have it?

Most articles requested via ILL come within four or five days. Books take a little longer.  If a local library has your book (UNH, Dartmouth, or one of the Boston Law Schools,) it will likely come within a week.  Books that come from libraries farther away generally take more time to get here.  Most ILLs are delivered to our library within two weeks.

ILLs are checked out to you for thirty days.  If you need more than a month, please let Kathy Fletcher know and she can ask for a renewal.  If a renewal is not available, she will order another copy of the book from a different library so that you can return the first copy.

The Wooden Book Cart

If you request articles via ILL, they will be emailed to you.

If you request books via ILL, you'll get an email when they arrive saying that they are on the wooden book cart outside Kathy Fletcher's office.  That cart has three shelves.  The top shelf is the pickup shelf -- where your books await you.  The second is the return shelf -- when you have finished with the book, please place it on that shelf so that Kathy Fletcher knows it's ready to be returned to its home library.

Since these books are from other libraries, they do not need to be checked out at our circulation desk.  Sometimes ILLs have stickers from other libraries or paperwork from the lending library relating to the ILL transaction.  Please keep this paperwork with the book.