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Statutory Research: NH Statutes: Print

Guide to researching federal and state statutes in print and online.


Finding print material in the library can sometimes be tricky. These maps provide quick guidance to all of the locations in the library.

Print New Hampshire Statutes

The New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) are located on the first floor in the New Hampshire section as well as on the main floor in the Reference section.

The RSA are designed in a similar format as the federal annotated codes. Annotations includes references to:

  • Cases
  • Law Review Articles
  • Legal Encyclopedias
  • ALRs
  • Treatises and Practice Books
  • Forms
  • Other Material

Individual volumes contain indexes and table of contents, and there is also an index for the entire set.

Updating Print Statutes

When you are using print material be sure to:

  1. Check the pocket part for updates
  2. Check pamphlets shelved after the set
  3. Check the dates of the pamphlets - if the NH legislature is still in session it may be recently changed. Session info available here.