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Library Study Aids: Other Aids

This Research Guide introduces you to the study aid collection located in the Academic Success Annex at UNH School of Law
What do you need to be more comfortable here?

Seat Cushions

The law library has seat cushions you can use on the wooden chairs (or, on the floor!)  These are available on the lowest shelf of the wooden bookcase outside Kathy Fletcher's office.

Standing Desks

Tired of sitting?  The library has three stand-up desks which you can check out and use to vary your posture during long hours of exam study.

Ear Plugs

Is your atmosphere just never quiet enough?  Does the ticking of the clock or the clicking of your neighbor's pen drive you to distraction?  We're here for you.  Earplugs are availble at the circulation desk.


Do you study better with tunes?  The law library has two pairs of high-quality headphones available.  Plug them in and tune the world out!


The law library also has collections of other items when it's time to take a break from studying.


The law library has a collection of over 250 'law-related' (some pretty tangentially related) movies you can check out when you need a break.  You can look through the basket of DVD covers at the circulation desk and check out two or three for movie night.

Board Games and Puzzles

Why study Torts when you can get into an argument over a game of RISK?  Seriously though, the library has a toy and puzzle collection that will help you unwind in your downtime.  Work BOTH sides of your brain for a change and put together a 250 piece puzzle.


Flashcard Creation Station

During exam periods (and in the summer before the bar exam,) the law library sets up the Flashcard Creation Station.  This is a table  adjacent to the Academic Success Annex where you can use FREE index cards and markers to create flash cards to help you prepare for exams.  Leah Plunkett holds regular office hours here. And, the collection of academic success books is right on hand for quick checks and look ups.