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Moot Court - Competition Teams : Legal Research

A research refresher and other "things to know" for those upper level students who are representing UNH Law in the national Moot Court competitions.

Locating Appellate Court Briefs

The Bluebook

The Law Library has several copies of "The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation", 20th ed. on Reserve

Here are some additional resources:

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (Cornell)

Bluebook Guide (Georgetown)

The Bluebook - Tips

Citation Checking Tools and WordProcessing Tools

Westlaw's Drafting Assistant - this software tool from Westlaw is an automated citation checking tool that verifies the status of citations in your legal document or in a citations list that you create manually.  The software download is available at - you'll need your Westlaw password (OnePass) to gain access.  

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office - Complimentary software that provides seamless access to Lexis Advance research, the open web, and citation tools from within your Microsoft® Word documents.

Oral Arguments and Transcripts

Transcripts of the U.S. Supreme Court Oral Arguments (Westlaw)

Oyez - From ITT Chicago-Kent School of Law - Searchable archive of United States Supreme Court Oral Argument Recordings

Supreme Court of the United States dockets, calendar, oral arguments (transcripts and video) and briefs.


Example of Moot Court Argument - Ames Moot Court Finals 2016 (Harvard)

Electronic Searching Tutorials

Westlaw Video Tutorials - there are 10 videos here that will allow you to brush up on everything from using boolean connectors to finding cases and statutes to using folders.

Bloomberg Video Tutorials - a vast array of videos from Bloomberg basics (how to search Bloomberg) to prepare for practice videos (preparing you for summer associate work in different areas including litigation).

 LexisAdvance Tutorials - goes through a series of tutorials that show you how to best use the features of the LexisAdvance system

LexisLearn - a series of videos that were designed to be companions to a Research and Writing class.   These videos use a scenario to show you how to find and use cases and statutes using LexisAdvance and then give you quizzes after each module.  Because it is treated like a class I have set it up as "Moot Court" under my name (Zago).  I have selected modules 1-7 and 11.  If you feel you need Administrative Law or Legislative History I can add those in too.  Just let me know at

Research Guides

See Professor Cavicchi's SlideShare presentations 


"Advanced Trademark Research: Tools and Strategies"

 "Patent Law Research Tools and Strategies"