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Moot Court - Competition Teams : Gibbons, Criminal Procedure

A research refresher and other "things to know" for those upper level students who are representing UNH Law in the national Moot Court competitions.


The John J. Gibbons Criminal Procedure Moot Court Competition focuses on timely issues of criminal procedure and criminal law. Held at the Law School in the Seton Hall Law School in Newark, New Jersey.  See the competition's website for more information.

Important Dates

  • Competition -   March 27-28, 2020
  • The problem will be distributed to all participants on February 10, 2020.
  • The briefs must be received via email by March 4, 2020



Applicable Court Rules

Official Rules for this competition are not posted on the website.  

For questions concerning the Competition, kindly contact Professor Jodi Anne Hudson at or at 973-642-8953. Gibbons Student Chairs Cody Hubbs and Sarah Ungeheuer can be reached at 973-642-8220.

Please address all correspondence/monies to: Professor Jodi Anne Hudson Director, Interscholastic Moot Court Board, The Gibbons Competition, Seton Hall University School of Law, One Newark Center, Newark, NJ 07102-5210

SETON HALL UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW | One Newark Center Jodi Anne Hudson Director, Interscholastic Moot Court Board and Adjunct Professor of Law Seton Hall School of Law 973-642-8953 973-642-8500 x8220

Criminal Procedure Resources - Electronic


Selected general treatises 

More specific titles can be found following this path - Home > Secondary Sources > Criminal Law Secondary Sources > Criminal Law Texts & Treatises

Law Reviews & Journals


See the Practice Area Tab and then Criminal Law and ProcedureTreatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence

Law Reviews and Journals

All Criminal Law & Procedure Reviews and Journals

Some more specific titles:


Criminal Procedure topic page (got to the home page, then to the law school section, click on "upper-level resources" and then click on "Criminal Procedure"

Includes criminal cases, procedural books, and treatises, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and Criminal Jury Instructions.

UNH Law Library Resources 

Use the UNH School of Law Library's catalog to find print and electronic primary and secondary legal resources, treatises, journals, databases, government documents, and other materials owned or licensed by the Law Library. It also has a newer collection of Ebooks on many topics. Check out the Advanced Search to filter to the content you want..